Bryce Lee
Executive Director

Bryce grew up in Sabetha, KS, a small town in northeast Kansas. After high school, he began his next phase of life, attending Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO. It was actually there, that God showed Bryce that he didn't have a genuine relationship with Jesus, and Bryce gave his life fully over to the Lord. Following his graduation in 1995 with a double major in youth ministry and biblical counseling, Bryce sought out where the Lord would have him minister. Though many of his options were appealing to the eye, Bryce felt the Lord was telling him no to these churches. Then, an opportunity came to help open a youth center in Simla, CO. Being from a small community, Bryce knew the positives and negatives of living in a small community. Bryce sensed an overwhelming peace about accepting the missionary position on the barren plains of eastern Colorado. The final confirmation to Bryce was when his support base was funded in two months. Shortly after moving, Bryce met his future wife, Alicia, when she stopped by to volunteer to help with the remodeling of the building that was to become the youth center. Over the years of ministering in Simla, Bryce and Alicia have added seven children to their family. In 1996, when Bryce first moved to Simla, he was asked how long he planned on staying. His answer was, "Well, I don’t really know. Maybe next week, maybe next year, maybe forever. I guess I'll be here until God tells me to go somewhere else." So far, God hasn't taken him anywhere else.

Brandon Kissam
IT Support

Brandon moved to Simla in third grade and graduated from Simla in 2004. He was excited when he was finally in sixth grade so he could go to CrossRoads on Friday Nights. It wasn't until High School that he started attending the Wednesday night Bible studies. Brandon joined the Air Force after High School and that's when his relationship with the Lord really started taking off. He was stationed in Tucson for his entire six years except for the two times he was deployed to Afghanistan. Brandon is currently studying at Moody Bible Institue to earn his BS in Biblical Studies. Brandon told Bryce on one of his visits home that he wanted to help out at CrossRoads when he came back and Bryce said, "I want to see that in writing." The rest is history.

Alicia Lee

Nothing about Alicia Lee's life has gone according to plan! As a high school graduate of Big Sandy in Simla, Alicia had a definite plan of obtaining an engineering degree from LeTourneau University. She then planned to either pursue a career in the engineering field or head to law school. Her plans DID NOT include moving back to Simla or even a small town, having an unfinished degree, working with teenagers, and being a mother of seven children! My, how the Lord has a sense of humor! When Alicia fell in love with Bryce, she had to wrestle with these issues, with one of the biggest being working with teens. Teenagers terrified her, and spending time with them was definitely out of her comfort zone. She distinctly remembers voicing this concern to Bryce, and he responded with, "They just want somebody to love them. That's all you have to do." So, for the past 15 years, that is what she's tried to do. Now, she probably scares the teens more than they scare her! She can’t imagine a life without teens in it-they have become a love of her life! Alicia loves that the Lord allows teen girls to be a part of her life on a regular basis. As a kid, having witnessed her parents' divorce, being abandoned by her bio- logical father, learning to love a step-father, and a host of other things that God allowed into her life, she has been able to use these trials to help teen girls dealing with similar issues. Alicia has realized that God has allowed her to not master anything, but to experience many different things in order to do the jobs He has given her for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). So, Alicia is content to have all of her plans done away with, because the exchange of those plans for the Father's plan is beyond compare!